27th Workshop

Presentations available. Video and photos will be soon.

Since 2005, up to 26 Eurofiling Workshops have been hosted by different Financial Institutions and Authorities in Madrid, Brussels, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Rome, Luxembourg, London, Warsaw and Frankfurt. In June 2019, the last Eurofiling Workshop before the pandemy, we had the opportunity to be hosted by the European Central Bank where, during several days, more than 200 experts have shared experiences about Regulatory, Statistical and Supervisory reporting challenges across Europe.

On Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 of December 2022, the Eurofiling Foundation, after contacts with EBA, ESMA, EIOPA, SRB, ECB, EC and CEN experts, and kindly hosted by the Bank of Spain and the Business Registries, is organising the 27th Eurofiling Workshop in hybrid format (mainly on-site, with best effort video-broadcasting). We intend to broaden the conference which will be dedicated to strategic workstreams, covering initiatives such as:

  • Monday 12th. (Competent Authorities only). Financial Regulators Workshop.
  • Tuesday 13th. Data Point Model methodology (ISO 5116), Refit initiative: EBA, EIOPA, ECB, EU. Venue: Bank of Spain.
  • Wednesday 14th, Bank of Spain. ESEF, Sustainability & XBRL. ESMA, XBRL Consortium, EFRAG, IFRS. Venue: Bank of Spain.
  • Wednesday 14th. XBRL SG EBA (members only). Venue: Bank of Spain.
  • Thursday 15th. XBRL Spain (in Spanish): ESEF 2022, retos y soluciones de mercado. Venue: Business Registries.

Tuesday 13th. Data Point Model, Bank of Spain, Alcalá 522
Early birds coffee at foyer (08:00)
Auditorium, early session (08:00)
Demo empowering domain experts as DPM modelling builders. Laura Martínez (BdE) [ Presentation ]
DPM hands-on with open source Arelle. Herm Fischer (Arelle) [ Presentation ]
Auditorium (09:00)
Hosting Welcome words: María Emilia Adán, Head of Spanish Registrars & Juan Peñalosa, Head of Statistics Dpt. Banco de España
DPM Refit Welcome words: Meri Rimmanen (EBA) & Daniel Pérez (EIOPA) [ Presentation ]
Status DPM Refit project – Carlos Martins (EBA) & Aitor Azcoaga (EIOPA) [ Presentation ]
Coffee break at foyer (10:00-10:30)
DPM Refit modeling – Bartosz Ochocki & Michal Skopowski [ Presentation ]
Hands-on examples on use cases from DPM to DPM Refit for glossary and templates modeling. Deep dive into DPM Refit
Lunch at canteen (12:30-13:30)
Data dictionary and data sharing under the Supervisory Data Strategy – Pavel Diko (EC DG FISMA, in remote) [ Presentation ]
DPM Refit modelling of validation and transformation rules – Antonio Olleros [ Presentation ]
Eurofiling honours ceremony: recognition of contribution – Ignacio Boixo (President Eurofiling) [ Hall of Fame ]
Coffee break at foyer (15:00-15:30)
Open panel on impact of and possibilities coming from DPM Refit
Moderator: Michał Piechocki (Eurofiling). ISO 5116 update following DPM Refit
Juan Alberto Sánchez (ECB). Joint expert group analysis on suitability of DPM Refit for IReF
Aitor Azcoaga / Carlos Martins (EIOPA&EBA). Impact of DPM Refit on software solutions
Simon O’Connor (CBI) / Paul Hulst (DNB). Impact of DPM Refit on NCA’s also being taxonomy authors

Wednesday 14th. ESEF, Sustainability & XBRL, Bank of Spain, Alcalá 522
Early birds coffee at foyer (08:00)
Auditorium, early session (08:00)
XBRL implementation in Georgia. Rezo Beradze & Tinatin Kachlishvili (NBG) [ Presentation ]
Demo on open source mapper ESEF to ERICA. Saskia Vennix (NBB, in remote) & Javier G. Sainza (BdE) [ Presentation ]
Auditorium (09:00)
ESEF policy changes regarding reports for 2022 and future outlook. Eduardo Javier Moral-Prieto (ESMA) [ Presentation ]
Upcoming updates to ESEF taxonomy and conformance suite. Michal Zubrycki (ESMA consultant) [ Presentation ]
Empirical evidence on comparability and consistency of ESEF reports. Ignacio Boixo (Eurofiling) [ Presentation ] [ Spreadsheet (20MB) ]
Coffee break at foyer (10:20-10:50)
Value of block tagged information: analysis of key audit matter information in XBRL from Japan. Revathy Ramanan (XBRL Intl, in remote) [ Presentation ]
ESEF: Structured digital reporting – Improving quality and usability. Karlien Conings (UK-FRC) [ Presentation ]
Block tagging: examples from ESEF and SEC. Similarities and differences between these two filing systems – Herm Fisher (Arelle) [ Presentation ]
XBRL specifications and ESEF: calculations, transformations and inline creation out of pdf. The filings.xbrl.org collection. Paul Warren (XBRL Intl.) [ Presentation ]
Lunch at canteen (12:30-13:30)
Sustainability keynote speech: Gemma Sanchez Danes, EFRAG SR Secretariat. (in remote) [ Presentation ]
The Carbon Call. ESG projects around the world. Liv Watson (Eurofiling, in remote) [ Report ]
Ongoing Sustainability Taxonomies: How to interoperate?. Stuart Rowan (XBRL Intl. in remote)
Panel: ESG Reporting update from around the world Michal Piechocki (Eurofiling, moderator)
.- Asian developments around ESG. Yoshiaki Wada
.- Recapitulation: Role of XII in bringing together different frameworks. John Turner
[ NASA Climate Spiral ] [ Indian Corporate ESG Data ]

(Competent Authorities only). Financial Regulators Workshop
This is a presence-only session, requiring additional registration HERE. No recordings/presentations will be available. Seats are very limited. Venue and details to be provided in the Registration Confirmation mail.

10:30 – Doors open coffee
11:15 – 12:45 – Granular data Session
12:45 – Lunch
13:45 – 15:15 – ICT Systems Session
15:15 – Break
15:30 – 16:30 – ESG Data Session
16:30 – Break
16:45 – 17:45 – Design thinking in SupTech Session
18:00 – Adjournment

With these workstreams in mind, we expect to gather as usual experts and relevant stakeholders from entire Europe from both the regulatory side as from the industry. In the past, Eurofiling has been attracting around 200 individuals from all pan-European authorities and from many national authorities. The key added value of Eurofiling is its informal character. Contact us at info@eurofiling.info.

Save the date. 13th and 14th June 2023, ECB, Frankfurt: 28th Eurofiling Workshop.
Registration is free of charge; no affiliation is required. Priority is given to regulators and on a first-come, first-served basis, up to 177 seats. Limitation of two seats per company may apply.

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