The 27th Eurofiling Workshop is kindly hosted by the Bank of Spain and the Business Registries, at Alcalá street 522, near the Airport. Please note that the traditional seat of the Bank of Spain is located in Alcalá street 48, in the city center. Both buildings are 10 km apart.

Please be aware that ORIGINAL passport or photo-ID card is MANDATORY for security clearence, and its number must MATCH with the number typed during the registration process.

Lunch is available from 13:00 in the self service employee’s canteen of the Bank of Spain. Credit cards accepted.

The venue is located between the city centre (Underground is the best) and the Airport (10 Km of highway, less than 15 minutes). Taxi from inner Madrid from/to airport has a flat fare of 30€; a bit less from/to venue. Taxis with green light (for hire) are constantly running on the street: simply raise your hand.

Underground (Line 5, Suanzes or Torre Arias stations) is the fastest and cheapest option going from/to downtown; however, from/to airport is more than one hour (due to commutations on city centre). The use of face masks covering the nose and mouth is mandatory inside trains and buses.

Networking dinner is offered at the Brasilian Restaurant Guanabara, 400 meters from the Bank of Spain. It is an “eat all you can” rodízio, typical Brazialian style meat. Vegetarian, vegan and fish options are also available. Restaurant flat fee is 60€, including wine and caipirinha.


List of hotels located up to 900 meters from 522 Alcalá Street, Madrid.
From Suanzes metro station it takes 20 minutes to downtown Madrid hotels, direct on metro line 5 (green).

Nearby Rent-A-Car: Enterprise at 18 Alfonso Gómez street, Madrid

Hotels in Madrid city center (EPCO) connected by Metro line 5